Carlo Colombo

Carlo Colombo Nationality: ITALY

Carlo Colombo is considered, according to the international critique, one of the most international admired and respected architects of the new generation. This is proved by the many recognitions received in twenty years of career despite of his young age.

Thanks to his international scope he is known in a lot of countries abroad where he is an ambassador of the Italian design.
He started up as a Designer for the furniture Industry where he collaborates until today.

He has been Art Director of exhibitions and cultural events of Italian projects in the world. Since 5 years he is Art Director of Arflex and Stratex, the Italian leading company in bio architecture.
He received a lot of awards all over the world, amongst Designer of the year 2004 in Japan.
He was lecturer at the University in Italy between 1999 and 2001. Today he is a lecturer of the faculty of architecture at the University of Beijing. He held lectures and conferences in China, Australia, Israel, South Africa, Arabian Emirates, Russia, America, Japan and all over Europe.
Today his studio works on large scale projects in interior and architecture projects all over the world.