"Our clients search for the innovation not for the sake of innovation.
Our Mission is to create something that satisfies the most requested needs."

Ernesto Gismondi

The excellence in product performance has always been a key factor for the success of the company. The front of research of Artemide is becoming more and more open and involves not only all the technological aspects of the components of lighting equipment, but also all the possibilities of interaction with the light, its performances, and the perceptive, psychological and physiological implications of its interaction with man and space.
LED technology has surely revolutionised the world of lighting. Today Artemide is planning a survey which involves not only optoelectronic innovations, but also a study on the capability of interactiing with the surroundings in the context of a digital dialogue. Artemide starts new important themes about photonics and new technologies in order to sketch a future vision, a new way of interpreting and living litghting.