Artemide lights for the Akari-Lisa Ishii and Motoko Ishii’s exhibition “Light Trend 2015 Light & Happiness” as part of the show MAISON & OBJET of Paris.


Date: Sep. 4 – 8, 2015
Venue: Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte
Stand No. C102-E101, Hall 8 « Projet », iconic hall of the entire fair on the red carpet linking the most important stands throughout the fair.


Professional trade show « Maison & Objet », known as « THE trend setting fair » in the field of interior design and decorations, each time this fair receives  more than 85000 visitors, 3200 exhibitors, 3500 journalists from the world over. More than 1500 articles on media prove its immeasurable influence. «M & O Asia » in Singapore and « M & O Americas » in Miami Beach opened up also in 2014 and 2015, which shows the potential development of the fair to the future.

Its evolution certifies that this fair is an inevitable reference in the industry already. But Maison & Objet is still aiming to target creative people. The hall named « Project » is dedicated, for several years, to the international brands who have a good reputation in terms of luxury space creation. The number of creators (designers, architects, specifiers, artists) who visit the fair, especially the hall, is increasing constantly.

On the occasion of the Maison & Objet trade fair in Sep. 2015, French & Japanese lighting design team Akari-Lisa Ishii (daughter) and Motoko Ishii (mother) has been invited again by the organizers to present the lastest trends in lighting, after the great success of their previous exhibition in 2013 and 2014. Thus, Artemide is pleased to reiterate it’s partnership with these designers.

In the context of M&O’s evolution and new target marketing, the fair is aware of the importance of demonstrating the theme « lighting » and has decided to give an exceptionally large area to the thematic exhibition concerned with lighting design. Their stand « Light Trend » is thus placed in a very strategic position, at the very heart of the « Project » hall, along the red carpet which links the « must see » stands throughout the fair. Their booth is also in the same area as the VIP club, material lab, business lounge etc. Thanks to technological evolution, lighting plays a more and more important role in interior design, especially in the luxury market. The exhibition called « Light Trend » aims :
– To present the latest technologies in lighting
– To discover the know-how of lighting design, on a worldwide basis
– To suggest the integration of light and fixtures in a space
– To produce some exclusive lighting experiences, created for this occasion
– To share the experiences with all opinion leaders in the decoration field from all over the world.

This year, in order to respond to the enormous expectation of the organizer, Akari-Lisa Ishii and Motoko Ishii, Art Directors of the thematic exhibition, have selected some exclusive lighting materials (ready-made or made-to-order), light sources, luminous materials, artistic applications, control technologies etc.) in order to demonstrate the « musts » to  target visitors and journalists, under the sub-theme of “Happiness”.

Why have they chosen « happiness »?
– Because this year is the « international year of light » organized by United Nations and UNESCO
– Because this is the 20th anniversary of Maison & Objet
– Because this is time to cheer up our lives
– Because the light can bring happiness to your heart and boost your spirit, your body and even your environment!

This booth will consist of 7 rooms, each of which has a different approach to the pursuit of happiness.
The visitors can walk through these and experience many diverse expressions of light. They will have the opportunity to know and reflect on what light can do for one’s happiness in the field of space design, and in different scenes of our life.

Details of the 7 rooms’:
1. Perception of Happiness:
2. Happiness to the eyes:
3. Happy Time!
4. Do I look happy?
5. Mental Happiness
6. Environmental Happiness
7. Technology and Happiness

In this context, Artemide will lend them
– One Acoustic Light suspension: EGGBOARD, Design Giovanni Giacobone – Massimo Roj
– One conceptual suspension named SPECTRAL LIGHT, developed by the designer Philippe Rahm
– Four CATA spots: dimmable 24W 4000K white, design Carlotta de Bevilacqua
– One PICTO 70 spot: 18W LED spot 2×9 ° 4000K white, designed by our development Studio.
– Also some gobos and a white track.

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