Artemide New York presents Les Danseuses during the ICFF 2015


During the ICFF 2015 the New York Artemide showroom presented to the public Les Danseuses by Atelier Oi . The event, held on May 16, has attracted a large number of visitors and fans of the Artemide brand .

Like the gowns of the whirling dervishes, Les Danseuses whirl and shape the regular waves they produce in space, however according to their own pace. This phenomenon is partly accounted for by the Coriolis forces, the same forces that govern the physics of hurricanes. These inertial forces are perpendicular to the direction followed by a body moving in space, which rotates uniformly in turn, as seen by an observer that shares the same reference point. The fabric of the Les Danseuses gowns has a cone-shaped symmetry and the material can freely fl ow along its surface without stretching or warping, like the atmosphere surrounding the earth. This material flow, combined with the Coriolis forces, plays a key role in the formation of shapes in the fabric, which provide an additional dimension to this Les Danseuses of Atelier Oi.

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