nh1217 by Neri&Hu


The collaboration between Artemide and the Neri&Hu firm, founded by architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu in Shanghai, is underlined by the recent launch of the Yanzi collection, and continues with a special suggestion for Christmas – nh1217.

nh1217 is a  simple, versatile, practical appliance that can be laid or suspended.

A white blown glass sphere slides along a brushed brass ring, which allows it to take different positions and to freely adjust and direct the diffuser. The frame becomes a support, a hook to hang the appliance to the wall, or a handle promoting an interaction with light.

nh1217 continues research on the dynamic interaction of experience, details, materials, form, and light that Neri&Hu are pursuing with Artemide.

Like all the projects designed by Neri&Hu, nh1217 offers a reinterpretation of the Oriental culture and tradition with a constant contemporary approach.
nh1217 is operated intuitively as a reference to the use of lanterns, and allows freedom in creating countless lightscapes. It is an essential, versatile element, suited to illuminate a variety of contexts in a simple and poetic manner.



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Photo and animation © Pierpaolo Ferrari

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