Artemide illuminates the Michelangelo’s Pietà Rondanini

from may 2015 at Castello Sforzesco - Milano

The Rondanini Pietà on display from May at its new venue in the former Spanish Hospital at the Sforza Castle in Milan
Milan, April 10, 2015 – Michelangelo’s masterpiece returns on display with a new set-up designed by Architect Michele De Lucchi and a lighting project especially conceived and implemented by Artemide.
The lighting project designed for the Pietà is sober and minimal, with no interference with the visual enjoyment of the place. Glaring is perfectly controlled, so that visitors can admire the work undisturbed. The lighting bodies used in the project are non-invasive, concealed, and arranged solely along the hall’s perimeter.
Artemide has illuminated the large exhibiting venue with next-generation LED projectors that produce uniform, pleasant, and well-balanced light, ideal to accommodate both the work and visitors.
Direct lighting of the sculpture is obtained with especially-designed LED shapers enhancing the work’s harmony. The delicate light and dark contrast produced by the light of Artemide allows good perception of forms and enhances the substance of white marble without interfering with the subject’s natural expressivity.
The light of Artemide is arranged in order to ensure perfect lighting consistency between the rear and front of the sculpture, which is shown backward to the public. The perfect balance between ambient lighting and work lighting is allowed by smart and perfectly controlled operation of all lighting bodies.
The undisputed skill of Artemide has resulted into the creation of a “silent,” unobtrusive light enhancing the expressive and dramatic intensity of Michelangelo’s Pietà without causing discomfort.


Artemide EuroLuce 2015
La luz responsable de Artemide ilumina el arte contemporáneo