Philippe Rahm presents Spectral Light

Artemide Showroom – Corso Monforte, 19 – Milan
Tuesday April 14th 2015 – 7pm


April 14th / May 9th



“Imagination is analysis, imagination is synthesis (…). It decomposes all creation, and, with the wealth of materials amassed and ordered according to rules whose origins can be found only in the deepest recesses of the soul, it creates a new world, it produces the sensation of something new.”  Charles Baudelaire, “The Salon of 1859,” in Selected Writings on Art and Artists.


Over the last twenty years, the lighting industry has begun to take an interest in the composition of the electromagnetic spectrum and the wavelengths emitted. Today there are three reasons for this interest: the fi rst is linked to health and biology; the second is the need for energy conservation to combat global warming; and the third is an intrinsic one, connected with the technological development of artificial light, i.e. the physical characteristics of LEDs.

“Electromagnetic impressionism”. In proposing a design of light spectra that will combine specifi c and distinct wavelengths, we have found ourselves using techniques comparable to the Impressionism of Claude Monet and the Pointillism of Georges Seurat.
“Spectral Design”. In setting out to break up the units of reality, we are seeking to arrive at a new synthesis through a few electromagnetic chemical components. With this method we want to initiate a reappraisal of architecture and design, renouncing the picturesque in favor of a new synthesis of truth, economy and beauty.
“Spectral Light”. We have adapted different spectra to the needs of the various “inhabitants” of the home (people, pets, birds, plants). We present the wavelengths of these spectra that are required to see, to grow and to photosynthesize.

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