Carlo Ratti presents Free Pixel

Artemide Showroom – Via Manzoni, 12 – Milan
Wednesday April 15th 2015 – 8pm


April 14th / May 9th



Rather than nodes clinging a rigid infrastructure, LEDs can act as their own dynamic and living ecosystem, independent and mobile. As these technologies become ubiquitous, we are witnessing the dawn of the Free Pixel.
A robot continually composes a stream of contents by physically positioning 1000 pixels on a panel that assumes constantly changing luminous confi gyrations. The magnetic pixel developed for the purpose by Artemide is a high-effi ciency LED that lights up as soon as it is placed on the PCP panel, made up of conductors covered with graphite.
Digital infrastructure allows us to collect large amounts of data about the city and through this to understand and design better, and ultimately live in a better way.



An architect and engineer, Carlo Ratti runs a design studio with branches in Turin, Boston and London, and is director of the MIT SENSEable City Lab in Boston. His research centers on the development of innovative projects that, starting out from an investigation of the changes brought about in contemporary ways of life by the new digital technologies, set out to integrate them into architectural and planning practice. Recent designs by the studio include the branch of the Trussardi fashion house in Milan, the installation The Cloud for the London Olympics of 2012 and the Digital Water Pavilion for Expo 2008 in Zaragoza. Currently the studio is working on the design of the Future Food District for Expo Milan 2015 and the extension of a school at Cavezzo, struck by the earthquake of May 2012.

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