Meeting of minds: visions into futures beyond architectural light

LDC’s Think-in-a-Tank event brings top architects, designers and thought leaders to Helsinki to discuss the future of light, beyond lighting

On 8th September 2016, for third time, the world famous Silo 468 light art piece in Helsinki, Finland invites thinkers at world class level to join Lighting Design Collective (LDC) in challenging and debating the current role of light, natural, artificial, digital, responsive and participatory in space and time. Outcome of the Think in a Tank series will be a ground-breaking publication, with futures research concepts by Lighting Design Collective, planned for 2017.

The social, cultural and design role of lighting is facing at this moment in history, from applicative history to digital futures. THINK-IN-A-TANK aims at establishing a thought-leading venue where multidisciplinary professional leaders will envision what will be next. The aim of the THINK-IN-A-TANK annual series is to further critical design thinking in context of light in architecture and to identify current and future foresight ideas essential for the advancement of theoretical and creative approaches in this field.

The event is hosted and created by the Lighting Design Collective ( and forms an official part of the Helsinki Design Week 2016. The event was co-designed with Marco Bevolo, urban futures sociologist, who will moderate the session. Participants will include: Riccardo Marini, Director, Gehl Architects; Carlotta De Bevilacqua, VP, Artemide, and President, Danese; Jason Flanagan, Partner, Flanagan Lawrence, and Founder, Audialsense; Josee Courtemanche, Founder, Nuolniemi Oy; Janne Aikio, Principal Scientist, VTT; Annukka Larsen, City of Light Coordinator, Jyväskylä; Andy Beddard, Founder, Crowd Vision; Jane Vita, Senior Service Creator, Futurice; Janne Kupianen, Founder, Kuudes Kerros; Gorka Cortazar, Founder, UNSTATIC Technologies; Jari Vuorinen, Partner, Lighting Design Collective Helsinki; Kris Krogh, Partner, Lighting Design Collective Madrid; Mark Paul, Partner, Lighting Design Collective London; Tapio Rosenius, Founder, Lighting Design Collective. Moderator: Marco Bevolo, Eindhoven / Turin.

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