Eggboard and Stab Light won the Red Dot Award 2016

Milan, March 31st 2016 – Eggboard, signed by Giovanni Giacobone and Massimo Roj, and Stab Light, designed by Arik Levy for Danese (Artemide Group), are the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016, one of the most important international prizes which reward the high quality of design and the innovative excellence of products.

“Red Dot: Best of the Best” to lighting project Eggboard

Eggboard received the “Red Dot: Best of Best” award for its innovative design and high quality of the product. This pendant lamp was created with a simple idea: to combine acoustic and visual comfort in a  single device. The sound absorption properties are obtained thanks to its particular sinusoidal section of the lower surface and to the use of soundproofing material. Two optical version, with different performances developed in two dimension, allow to model the light after the needs of different spaces. The installation of more devices , suspended at different heights and in different colors, allows to modulate the performance after the space characteristics and to create compositions with scenographic and bright effects. This lighting system is created to grant the maximum of performance in the working place, but its high acoustic and lighting efficiency is perfect for other application fields: from office and education to hospitality and entertainment, from retail to hall and connectivity.


“Red Dot Award: Product Design” to Stab Light family

The lighting project Stab Light won the Red Dot Award for quality, functionality and ecological compatibility  of the product.

This family of lamps created by Arik Levy for Danese are produced through a skilled glass-blowing craftsmanship. The diffusers are in glass blown by a productive process which shows the extraordinary skill of glassmakers, who transmit their experience from generation to generation: various levels of glass in different colors are blown in a wood stamp.

The combination of different forms and hues of Stab Light allows to create suggestive composition of light.

The lighting atmosphere are even more free and flexible thanks to the smart suspension system of the multiple version, which allows to distribute light in space in a ever different way by the rotation of the structure’ shafts.


Artemide Group and the Red Dot Award

Through the years, many Artemide lights have won the Red Dot Award.

The Eggboard and Stab Light projects are a further confirmation of Artemide’s reputation, known at worldwide level, as an expression of the best Italian design.

Its lamps are characterized by a high innovative technology and a significant energetic efficiency which combines with aesthetic value and manufacturing quality to create a new environmental quality.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016

The 2016 edition of the Red Dot Award had the participation of 57 countries, with 5200 projects selected by a jury composed by 41 independent experts from all over the world. The award ceremony will be the highest point of this prestigious award and it’ll take place the 4th of July at the Red Dot Museum of Essen, an exemple of modern architecture carved out of an industrial complex which hosted a coal mine, at the moment Unesco heritage.