iF Product Design Award 2014: Artemide wins five prizes

The Artemide appliances Empatia, Demetra, Chocolate LED, Elle, and Sostituto won the iF Product Design Award 2014


The Artemide appliances Empatia, Demetra, Chocolate LED, Elle, and Sostituto won the iF Product Design Award 2014, one of the most renowned international product design prizes;  bestowed for over sixty years by the IF International Forum Design of Hannover, the prestigious award recognises projects that boast the greatest achievements in the field of design.

The awarded lamps, like all the appliances made by Artemide, are both an expression of top-level design and a clear testimonial of the constant focus of research at Artemide on the development of technological lighting systems ensuring higher and higher energy efficiency, while reducing waste and improving man’s quality of life and relations with the environment.

Empatia, designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Paola di Arianello, blends the groundbreaking LED technology implemented by Artemide with the great craft tradition of Venetian mouth-blown glass. This lamp strikes a perfect balance between light and surface, among subtle densities and transparencies. It is an optical device with a high-performance LED light at its heart, which controls lights and ensures maximum yield and efficiency.

Demetra, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, is a painted aluminium table lamp characterized by movable arms and a directional head, fitted with a light intensity adjustment system that allows to control light according to one’s needs.

Chocolate LED, by the A.G. LICHT studio, is an appliance that defines new qualitative standards for the office lighting sector in terms of ergonomics, efficiency, and lighting comfort. It combines direct lighting with efficient indirect emission using an innovative custom-designed optical system.

Two more projects received the iF Product Design Award 2014, namely Elle and Sostituto, both designed by Ernesto Gismondi, president and founder of Artemide.

Elle is based on a patent borrowed from backlighting systems for TV-screens (ALEF). The appliance appears as an ultra-thin, perfectly even luminous surface, whose luminous flow ensures perfect lighting for domestic and professional environments.

Talking about the Sostituto project, Mr. Gismondi comments: “I chose the name Sostituto for a LED-based lighting body that is intended to substitute the existing old-fashioned road lighting appliances, whose heads can be changed while preserving the poles. This appliance also uses high-yield LED sources.

The iF Design Award ceremony will take place on February 28 next in Munich.

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