Artemide Illuminates the Italian pavilion at the Biennal architecture exhibition in Venice

Biennale di Venezia


Venice, June 7, 2014 – Artemide, main sponsor of the Italian Pavilion, displayed high technological skills and a close focus on research in its partnership with architect Cino Zucchi, curator of the show “Innesti/Grafting,” and in the setting up of the Italian Pavilion at the 14th Biennial Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

“Ever since its foundation back in the 1960s, Artemide has been working with the greatest Italian and international architects, displaying great ongoing innovation capabilities in lighting design projects. This was and still is a great privilege for me,” says Ernesto Gismondi, president and founder of Artemide, explaining the participation of Artemide to the show in Venice.

“The display at the Italian Pavilion does not refer to an idea of linear evolution, but rather offers a review of individual design episodes or events linked with each other in time by unexpected relations. While in the past century modernization involved the entire country, the case of Milan is considered as an example of ‘laboratory of modernity,’ whose architectural and urban developments of the past hundred years highlight the special approach adopted in projects aimed at deep transformation, confronted with the pre-existing urban texture,” says Cino Zucchi.

Two key elements – the city of Milan, where Artemide was established, and the close cooperation with Milanese and Italian architects, are at the origin of this synergy.

Innesti/Grafting” is a display of works “aimed at combining existing matter with future form.” Artemide has always shared this mindset and vision in its effort to promote and implement innovative, universal, long-lasting, sustainable lighting projects, open research platforms within the framework of a culture closely focused on man’s future development, well-being and relation with the surrounding environment and landscape.

In its dialogue with the story told by the Show “Innesti/Grafting”, the light of Artemide creates a luminous experience that leads visitors through the two main Halls of the Exhibition.

The first Hall, representing the complex interaction between innovation and respect for existing features, is dedicated to the “Milan case”, with light evoking an urban environment and used as a “medium” to stage phenomena, i.e. light and shade effects, through the interpretation of the contents on display, where the subject is closely connected with the object and experiences a full immersion into its surroundings.

The second Hall hosts to a patchwork of architecture images, a representation of a great contemporary landscape obtained by means of luminous elements with different shapes, giving life to a subjective, inspiring pure-light scenario: “A journey to Italy” across a luminous landscape.

The outcome of this partnership – a perfect blend of the great Italian architecture and Artemide – will be on display in the Italian Pavilion at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of Biennale di Venezia – Tese delle Vergini all’Arsenale, Venice – from June 7 to November 23, 2014.


Jean Nouvel @ Artemide Showroom
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