Artemide at Euroluce 2017


At a time when people keep building walls, the Artemide booth has none. The broad exhibiting space designed for the 2017 show is as similar to an open stage as it can be, with partitions between the exhibiting areas made of textile panels and arranged in parallel off the ground. The broad floor of the stage – over 1,000 sq. m. – is made of black iron, and all furniture is suspended. Based on a perspective effect, the panels create sharp visual separation, but spaces in-between are free and open, without any physical barriers. Light filters through the curtains and modulates space with soft light and dark contrasts. Light dispels darkness, and it does so gently in the Artemide booth. Products are displayed on stands and platforms in vivid colours with a strong graphic impact, in a continuum with the photo campaign shot by photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. (Michele De Lucchi, March 2017)

Ameluna, Discovery and Unterlinden won the iF Product Design Award 2017
Artemide illuminates the exhibition of Salone Satellite at Fabbrica del Vapore