Milano, April 2016

There are numerous Artemide’s light projects as protagonists of the exhibitions at the XXI Triennale di Milano, with the concept Design after Design. Exhibitions that narrate the Italian Design talking about topics from female projectuality, to interior design, to city and design relation, to themes connected to the globalization impact.


The ninth edition of Triennale Design Museum celebrates the feminine design in the exhibition “W. Women in Italian Design”, with the exhibition project signed by Margherita Palli. Inside, following a strong emotional path, projects that express female creativity, realized by women that contributed to build and affirm worldwide the history of Made in Italy design.
Within the interpreters of the exhibition Carlotta de Bevilacqua, architect, designer and business woman with lighting projects Sui, Yang and Empatia designed for Artemide, of which the architect is also vice-president. This lights witness the technological research and innovation path to a smart and conscious design that animate each and every light signed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua.

The Sui lamp was the first Artemide’s project to explore, in 2000, the new subject of LED. A light designed to be manipulable and adaptable to every need of punctual illumination. Yang explores the theme of research of wellness through light, being a transparent lamp which allows to touch the light and create the light atmosphere closer to our mood through a “human” way to live light.
Innovation and research, but also rediscover of ancient knowledge, express through the lamp Empatia, perfect union between the most advanced LED technology and the great craftsmanship tradition of Venetian blown glass. A unique union of values and knowledge, of humanism and science, for an approach to the human and responsible light, perfect expression of the sustainable project.

Aspects, these, that mark the lights designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua. “I’ve always considered in my professional and personal life – as herself affirmes – the duty to set as a objective to try and introduce un the world better and alternative qualities than the already existing one. With optimism and sometimes disarray, I’ve tried, as an architect and a designer through the design of spaces and light, as a business woman through vision and innovation, to educate the present and contribute to the future.

W. Women in Italian Design – from April 2nd 2016 to February 9th 2017




triennale-3“Yang” Carlotta de Bevilacqua

triennale_Blog_2“Empatia” Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Paola di Arianello

triennale_3“Genesy” Zaha Hadid


Another intervention of Artemide is in the exhibition “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare”, a exposition path, ever inside the XXI Esposizione Internazionale, that offers a sequence of eleven environments designed by eleven different authors that put on stage their living philosophy and their own way to think. It’s been chosen to put side by side projects and important books, creating a close dialogue between design and ideas.

The lights of Artemide are in the “Risonanze” room, designed by Andrea Anastasio and in the “In Prospettiva” room, by Elisabetta Terragni. The project by Anastasio “intends to shape a group of polarities that have been identified with a reflection on domestic space”. The essential elements to the develop of everyday life have been placed in the room to draw two defined axis.
The device Spike, designed by Artemide, gives a indirect light on the elements of space division, creating a uniform and light illumination of the space. The device Everything has the duty to create a defining light which highlights the significant element of the inner space. The furniture of the room completes with the carpet Crossbreed design by Andrea Anastasio for Danese.



Andrea Anastasio/Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare/XXI Triennale International Exhibition/ PH Andrea Martiradonna.


To design her space Elisabetta Terragni starts from the concept “to remove, more than to add, is necessary to enlight the essential”. Artemide insert itself in the project with Uglare 19, a system of illumination with high performances and a minimal incidence, in terms of physic and perceptive volumes, used to create in the architech Terragni’s room a big skylight able to modulate different light in relation to the spaces.



Elisabetta Terragni/Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare/XXI Triennale International Exhibition/PH Andrea Martiradonna

In front of the every and each eleven rooms are connected the lamps Teti designed by Vico Magistretti.

Rooms. Novel Living Concept – from the 2nd April to the 12th September 2016


The light of Artemide also in the Arch and Art project, realized by Domus and setted in Giardini della Triennale. A project that wants to witness the bond that unites a architectonic work and a art piece: five pavilions designed by five architects and five artists. Among the masters also Michele De Lucchi and Enzo Cucchi.
Michele De Lucchi’s pavilion is “a firelace nine meters tall, a window tower, an inusual chimney built to welcome four ceramic by Enzo Cucchi. It has a conic shape in the inferior part and a cilindric shaper in the superior. Enzo Cucchi’s works seems suspended and attract for the extraordinary energy that they give off. They are illuminated with both the Tycho projector by Artemide suspended at the structural ring, and during the day the sun light is filtred by the porthole at the top of the dome”.
Tycho is an extremely technological spot with a clean and smooth aesthetic, designed by Michele De Lucchi and presented among the Artemide News 2016.

Arch and Art – from April 2nd to September 12th 2016


Mendori and Minomushi lights, designed by Miyake Issey for Artemide, made in a regenerated fiber which derives from PET bottles, are presented in the Noosphere XX1 pavilllion, project by Italo Rota, in Giardino della Triennale. Born from the collaboration of three academies Tsinghua University, Domus Academy and NABa, Noosphere XX1 explores new sceneries, between past, present and future; defining new educative shapes in the world of design. This project develop in three main installation: “The Big Waste”, “Biological Science”, and a structure of Bamboo trees.

Noosphere XX1. A mobile and evolving school – from April 2nd to Sptember 12th 2016


Artemide and Danese Milano at Milano Design Week 2016