Artemide for EXPO 2015


The light of Artemide shines on the Expo

The light of Artemide is featured in several projects implemented for the EXPO “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”
Innovation, research, technology, design, made in Italy, and the ability to design customized, sustainable, cutting-edge lighting projects are the reasons why Artemide is a favourite partner to illuminate art, events, and major projects conceived for the occasion.

Artemide is…..

…light that feeds the planet

Artemide promotes research for sustainable light, respectful of man’s and nature’s well-being. The partnership with Philippe Rahm and his ideas appears as a natural step in the process that Artemide has been developing for a few years on sustainability and psycho-physiological perception.
The project “Spectral Light,” implemented by Philippe Rahm in cooperation with Artemide, explores the light spectrum breakdown.
“In Spectral Light, different spectra were designed and adjusted to the needs of the different home ‘dwellers’ (men, pets, birds, plants). The wavelengths of these spectra required for seeing, growth, and photosynthesis are shown.” Philippe Rahm
The installation, launched during the Furniture Exhibition at the Corso Monforte 19 showroom, will be on display until May 9.
Milan – “Spectral Light” – Artemide showroom, Corso Monforte 19 – Milan / until May 9, 2015

….. light for major projects

The long-standing partnership of Artemide with renowned architects from all over the world results into a number of projects that Expo 2015 entrusted to the greatest international designers:

• Michele De Lucchi at the Banca Intesa Pavilion and the Unicredit Auditorium at Piazza Gae Aulenti
• Herzog & de Meuron at the Slow Food Pavilion
• Studio Rota&Pedretti at the Kuwait Pavilion
• Studio Mosae at the Brazil Pavilion
• Italo Rota at the Vinitaly Pavilion

Artemide light shines on the Expo village at Cascina Merlata, designed according to groundbreaking environmental sustainability principles: the company has provided more than 6,000 LED appliances for the 400 residential units within the village.

The Terrazza Triennale restaurant, designed by architects Paolo Brescia and Tommaso Principi of OBR and opened for Expo 2015, features the “invisible” LED light of Artemide, enhancing the clear structure and highlighting the view of the Milan skyline as it follows the pace of natural light, thus providing a flexible response to the functional and layout requirements of this venue.

Artemide is committed to support the social and solidarity project “Refettorio Ambrosiano” at Greco Pirelli, also related to Expo 2015. Its appliances shine on the twelve large tables conceived by major Italian designers and arranged in the main hall of the refectory.

… light for art

“The Pietà Rondanini”

Artemide illuminates the Pietà Rondanini at its new exhibiting venue at the former Spanish Hospital of the Sforza Castle in Milan, designed by architect Michele de Lucchi. This special project was intended to avoid any interference with the visual enjoyment of the environment shaping light on the sculpture’s profile. The undisputed skill of Artemide has resulted into the creation of a “silent,” unobtrusive light enhancing the expressive and dramatic intensity of Michelangelo’s Pietà without causing discomfort.
Milan – Former Spanish Hospital of the Sforza Castle / from May 2, 2015

“Arts&Foods – Rituals since 1851”

Artemide partners with art at the show “Arts & Foods”, generating new value with light in terms of emotion and space and landscape perception.
The lights of Artemide drive visitors through the exhibition, almost like on a journey in time that describes everything relevant to food from 1851 – the year of the first Expo in London – to this day.
The lighting project is designed to interact with complex and delicate installations, and provides for a variety of custom-designed lighting systems integrated with the exhibition’s set-up and architecture.
Milan – “Arts&Foods – Rituals since 1851” – Milan Triennale / until November 1, 2015

“Art for Mankind. The Fourth Estate by Pellizza da Volpedo”

The light of Artemide shines on a large video installation dedicated to “The Fourth Estate”, a painting by Pellizza da Volpedo, featured at the inspiring venue La Porta di Milano at the Milan Malpensa Airport. Especially conceived LED projectors are fitted permanently at this venue designed to host to temporary shows, and ensure maximum flexibility in managing different light scenarios. The projectors were fitted for the purpose with shapers capable to enhance the display at best, integrating each light scenario.
Milan – “Art for Mankind. The Fourth Estate by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo” – Malpensa Airport – Porta di Milano (Terminal 1) / until June 30, 2015

The light of Artemide illuminates the Terrazza Triennale
Artemide presents the new Glass Collection 2015