Artemide illuminates the Refettorio Felix


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Food for Soul, the social no-profit organization founded by chef Massimo Bottura, will open the Refettorio Felix during the London Food Month, the festival celebrating Britain’s cooking diversity that will animate the city of London with several events throughout June.


Born from a partnership with the London-based charity The Felix Project, the Refettorio Felix will officially open on June 5 and will remain in operation after the closing of the festival, its goal being the struggle against food waste, hunger, and social discomfort.


Artemide supports this significant solidarity project by illuminating the new community canteen, located in the historical St. Cuthbert centre.

Guests at the Refettorio will be welcomed by lights conveying high-quality manufacturing skills, such as Vigo by David Chipperfield and Miconos by Ernesto Gismondi. These are aesthetically valuable appliances that come together with innovative products resulting from painstaking technological research, such as the Picto projectors, highly versatile lights that fit perfectly in this space intended for sharing and generosity.


The effort of Artemide is one more proof of the social commitment of a company that has transformed the way to conceive light and placed man’s needs at the heart of each and every project.


The Refettorio Felix adds up to other important projects by Food for Soul, including the Refettorio Ambrosiano, created in Milan on occasion of Expo 2015, where Artemide added to the coziness and friendliness of this space with its lighting project.


Each of these projects is a blend of art, design, and beauty, and conveys a holistic approach to nutrition, both for the body and for the soul, restoring a sense of dignity around the table.


Supporting the Refettorio Felix means, to Artemide, sharing the contents of this project as an expression of a humanist vision, as well as of ethical and social values.

Artemide wins two awards at the prestigious Darc Awards Night
30 years of Tolomeo at the Architektursalon von Gerkan in Hamburg