Artemide presents the new Glass Collection 2015

Artemide is one of the main icons of the best Italian design, a blend of vision, beauty, technology, and top-quality manufacturing. The Glass Collection combines the peculiarities of a craft technique with optoelectric innovation. Artemide masters the present and future know how, while protecting and reviewing past wisdom with a modern approach. The culture of design, a blend of scientific know how and humanistic wealth, concretely addresses the need for widespread and accessible quality through research and experimenting.
Glass has been a key element in man’s evolution, ensuring protection without barring natural light. Its material properties have turned it into a major player in the history of light.

A 16th-century process that starts with the creation of thin pure glass rods containing milk-white or coloured spirals and threads, either simple or braided. These are wrapped all around a slightly blown pure glass bolus that thins out upon further blowing, thus giving a sheer and delicate texture to the filigree weft.

This is the name of “vetro a retortoli” (glass with twists), a variation of filigree with braided threads developed during the Renaissance.

It entails joining together while still hot two open cylinders of blown glass along their edges of equal circumference to produce a single bubble of glass with two zones of different colors or with different decorations.

Rigadin describes the process by which typical parallel ribs are produced on a glass surface. The glass bolus is placed inside a bladed mould known as “bronzing”. Ribs are drawn into the glass, which expand upon blowing thus defining the texture.

Artemide for EXPO 2015
Artemide and Château la Dominique of Jean Nouvel