Artemide sponsors the GaN Marathon

Artemide sponsors the GaN Marathon, a Europe-wide event that involved major scientists studying the Gallium Nitride technology. The event, held at the historical premises of the Padua University, reached its climax with the lectio magistralis describing the activities carried out by Professor Hiroshi Amano, 2014 Nobel Laureate that first developed the blue LEDs based on the Gallium Nitride technology. Professor Amano also received the highest tribute from the Padua University, a honorary degree for his outstanding scientific work in favour of the community at large.
Gallium Nitride is the basic element of the LED-enabling technology, of Power Electronics, and of the microwave communication technology of the future. The event provided an opportunity to share and discuss the main findings of scientific research.
The sponsorship of Artemide helped draw the focus on state-of-the-art photonic technologies in Europe based on composite semiconductors and, particularly on light-emitting diodes, laser, and advanced nanostructures.


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