LI-FI: Light as Quanta

Artemide continues its research on the Li-Fi technology and introduces a solution designed to ensure connection for a personal workstation, as with Demetra back in 2016, as well as for a broad area, which depends on the emission of an appliance for direct diffused lighting.
In this case too, visible light is used for data transmission, showing once again that the LEDs that are commonly fitted on the Artemide products allow to create an infrastructure capable to handle information without affecting the optical properties and the lighting performance of the appliance in any way whatsoever. Transmission occurs in a two-way manner, data can be downloaded and information can be shared by means of an IR LED that sends the signal back to the receiver integrated in the lamp (downloading at more than 10Mbit/second). Li-Fi is a web based on luminous impulses, rather than on radio waves, and as such these can only be perceived within the emission cone but not within the perimeter of a room , thus ensuring greater safety and higher performance in terms of transmission power. The receiving system’s sensitivity is high and allows efficient data exchange up to a 50 lux illumination level. Moreover, this “optical wireless” signal is not significantly influenced by other lighting sources fitted in the room. The current revolution opens up new design frontiers that reach far beyond the lighting sector and initiates a dialogue with advanced interaction systems and sensors towards new light integration opportunities in smart projects that call for the punctual and secure management of high baud-rates in private or public contexts.