LIGHT OVER TIME Tapio Rosenius

designing the real-time pace of light using an elementary and intuitive interface


LoT introduces the time variable in our experience with light by combining a projector with a software that allow free and real-time choice of light scenarios.

Light over Time (LoT) is a series of lighting tools allowing design professionals to reimagine, reveal, reinterpret and to modulate space like never before.

A family of luminaires with intuitive software lets light to shift, change and fl ow like in nature. Precision optics is used to achieve white light dynamic beam distribution from 8 degrees to 55 in single luminaire with simple data commands and without any moving parts.

In LoT an RGBW quad chip LED’s provide soft colour washes with subtle tonalities creating background for the adjustable beam of white light.


User-friendly software LoT gives unprecedented access to previously unattainable complexity of light behaviour. No prior programming skills or manuals are needed. Layered, non-repetitive and natural light effects are achieved with unique real-time content engines using biomimicry and other algorithms to calculate light patterns and effects instantaneously.

Changes and modifications to the wash light tonality, beam intensity, movement directions, speed, complexity and many other parameters can be made simultaneously, previewed live and saved as intelligent pre-sets. Comprehensive scheduling with drag-and-drop interface is provided with a suite of options for overrides such as push buttons and sensors.

Artemide moves towards new frontiers of the lighting project, from the atom to the bit, where the focus is not just on the product. The LoT software is the first immaterial product of Artemide, an innovative management intelligence that allows to make the most of the potentials of physical products while providing a more modern, exhaustive, and versatile response to design and application requirements.

Software-product interaction occurs in real time with Scheduling or vs. external variables. “Real time” is the main strength, which allows the interactive, critical, and dynamic management of the developed and set-up items by which complex programming algorithms ensure user-friendly operation.