Delucchi_Stand02 “Artemide is a goddess, and gods fit nicely in temples. Artemide’s stand in Frankfurt is a huge colonnade, a lightweight open structure that defines the layout of the exhibiting space. The column epitomizes solidity and is a simple, high-impact primeval architectural element.

These are square columns, almost 5 m high, with the individual products fitted inside. The columns bear roofings that adjust the pavilion’s ambient light and support the luminous effects of the Artemide appliances. The exhibiting course is organized through alleys, colonnades, and open plazas. Visitors can review the Artemide products on display, divided by types and application fields.”
Michele De Lucchi


Pietà_web “The Rondanini Pietà is in its new home of the Ospedale Spagnolo at the Castello Sforzesco.

It is in a large room, in the right position and in the correct proportion. It is also in the right light.

There are no accents, violent beams used to whiten the marble and blacken the shadows. They are not needed.

The drama lies within the stone and the surface that Michelangelo has brought to light emanates it in such abundance that no further deceptive accentuations are required.

It is a silent light.”
Michele De Lucchi

The competence of Artemide was the key to create a discrete “silent light” which, although not interfering, take out the expressive and dramatic identity of Michelangelo’s Pietà.

The innovative optical project of the shapers which cut the light on the sculpture became the point of the Tycho project.


“Tycho is intended to produce an accent light as simply as possible. I designed a visor, a sort of eyelid to direct light without glaring.” “The Tycho shaper spotlight is fi tted with a slit, which accommodates the template
of the part that needs to be illuminated to allow adjusting light emission with great accuracy.”
Michele De Lucchi

The Tolomeo family is expanded to include a new outdoor product. The light source is enclosed in a diffusing cap fi tted inside a transparent IP65 plastic unit that recalls old lampposts, in use when light was produced from oil. The structural elements of Tolomeo were strengthened and consolidated to resist to the increased stress. The family is also enriched with a shade to adapt the lamp for use on terraces or in domestic outdoor locations.


LI-FI: Light as Quanta
LIGHT OVER TIME Tapio Rosenius