Artemide with Ross Lovegrove at Centre Pompidou

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The Centre Pompidou presents Mutations/Creations, a new event that looks out to the future and to the interaction between digital technology and creation, a domain shared by art, innovation, and science. The first edition of this annual event, dedicated to music, design, and architecture, draws from a variety of subjects using a mix of research, art, and engineering.

Part of this project is the monographic exhibition that the Centre Pompidou dedicates to designer Ross Lovegrove, open from April 12 through July 3.

Artemide sponsors this project to support the crucial role of the Centre Pompidou in modern culture.


The display includes the most significant works by Lovegrove inspired by nature and its evolutionary processes, interpreting the dialogue between nature and technology where art and science converge.


The collaboration between Ross Lovegrove and Artemide started back in 2007 and continued through on-going research on materials and production stimulated by this organic and biomorphic design approach – 10 years of projects down to the latest one, Solar Tree 2nd Generation, unveiled at Euroluce 2017.

Solar Tree 2nd Generation

“Mutations-Creations” includes Chlorophilia, a lightweight suspension appliance that illuminates space while creating soft shadow contrasts, made up of base elements that can be multiplied to create amazing compositions.


The creative universe of Ross Lovegrove also pervades other works on display: Florensis, a flower-shaped lamp with an aesthetic, as well as technical performance; New Nature, a floor lamp based on the 3D concept that features fluid botanical geometries; Cosmic Angel, Cosmic Leaf, and Cosmic Landscape.


New Nature

Cosmic Angel

Cosmic Leaf

Cosmic Landscape

The collaboration between Artemide and Ross Lovegrove gave life to important lighting projects as the results of groundbreaking and innovative research and of a highly expressive aesthetic approach.



Tolomeo 1987 - 2017
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