Artemide continues its research on advanced interaction systems and presents an evolution of Target Point that places parametric design at the service of the Human Light.

It defines a set of values focused on man, his physical wellbeing and his perception for an advanced and dynamic design of light in work environments and beyond.

Artemide Target Point is a system of appliances and sensors that opens up a dialogue between the desired and designed light and its surroundings.

The target includes environmental conditions, a concept that reaches beyond a regulatory value of illumination or colour rendering.
It enhances man’s experience with space, establishes a relation between diverse phenomena and the perception thereof.

The opportunity to initiate a non-univocal dialogue results into on-going sharing of information between the lighting appliance and its surroundings, recording and integrating environmental changes in order to preserve a dynamic balance vs. pre-set targets.

What translates into a perceived dynamic light is actually the preservation of a phyisiological or chromatic quality of the perceived phenomenon.


ORSA Foster + Partners
LI-FI: Light as Quanta