The Artemide appliances on display at the “Shanghai Furniture Exhibition”


Shanghai, November 2016Artemide will participate in the first edition of the “Shanghai Furniture Exhibition”, due to take place on November 19-21 next at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, a high-prestige venue at the heart of the Chinese city and a reference point for important cultural events. The show, aimed at a selected visitor base made of architects, sector specialists, and investors, will provide an overview of top-level Made-in-Italy production.


Shanghai will provide an additional high-interest stage for Artemide to introduce its most recent lighting projects originating from partnerships with top international brands, architects, and cultural institutions. These projects clearly convey the company’s ongoing focus on research and testing on cutting-edge solutions.

In the exhibiting venue, Artemide will put on display technical lighting systems and next-generation tools to design the light of the future – appliances capable to provide a modern and versatile response to design requirements, as well as operating intelligence and apps to interpret lighting while enhancing the potential applications of products.

Smart, highly emotional lighting solutions

Amelunaborn from a partnership between Artemide and Mercedes-Benz Style, is an appliance that conveys high technology, both in its optoelectronic innovation and in the ability to interact digitally with its surroundings.



Essential appliance design by renowned architects

Orsa, is a project by studio Foster + Partners, featuring an elegant, minimal lighting body that is multiplied to produce spectacular chandeliers.

Herzog & De Meuron designed  Unterlinden, a lamp combining the aesthetic glamour of an old-fashioned object with high technological and lighting value.


Appliances that convey high-quality manufacturing, as well as innovative and patented technologies

In the suspension lamp Chlorophilia, designed by Ross Lovegrove, the competence of Artemide merges with the author’s typical sign to create organic and fluid forms.

The  Discovery system, designed by Ernesto Gismondi, conveys an in-depth knowledge of light and its perceptive qualities.


Advanced manufacturing know-how and craft quality go hand in hand in  EmpatiaIncalmo, and Invero, designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua, which combine the peculiarities of the ancient craft glass-blowing technique with optoelectronic innovation.


Lights to rediscover and redesign man’s living and working spaces

Tolomeo, designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, comes in the new Outdoor versions for open spaces, as well as in the brand new Micro Gold option.



Olmo, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, combines simple optical and mechanical elements capable to adjust their geometry, look, and lighting performance to space.

Algoritmo, designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua, is an open lighting system that works through an integrated dynamic interaction with architecture, featuring new controlled optical units to design light in space in view of comfort and high yields.


Eggboard, by Giacobone & Roj, explores the theme of sound absorption to ensure excellent visual and acoustic quality adjusted to space characteristics.


The SatelliteShow within the “Shanghai Furniture Exhibition” welcomes young designers under 35, who will have to opportunity to introduce their ideas for projects.

Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Vice President of Artemide, will be a member of the jury evaluating the prototypes on display at this important event, a meeting point for the best Italian companies in the business and emerging Chinese designers.


 Shanghai Furniture Exhibition
November 19-21, 2016
Shanghai Exhibition Centre (SEC)


The lights of Artemide at MAXXI
The lights of Artemide for Santa Maria at San Satiro