The Light Management

Total control of the light.

Carlotta de Bevilacqua Laura Pessoni: Scrittura

Scrittura marks a general change in the use of light’s colour and colour temperature through the use of next-generation LED sources. Two combined L-shaped elements, an aluminium frame and a methacrylate optical unit, make up an object that appears like a luminous graphic sign, describing space through light. In the white and RGB colour, the light of Scrittura offers two kinds of performance – asymmetrical when working as pure wall-grazing scenic light, and diffusing with symmetrical and  controlled emission, in the white version. The product and its light are thus seen  and perceived as semantic elements of the luminous space they define thanks to mechanical and high-voltage electric joints that allow to create an endless luminous system floating freely in space from a single power output. Scrittura can be controlled by means of two next-generation technologies: a close-distance Hand Gestic remote control operated with simple, intuitive gestures encrypted by an on-board circuit on the appliance or via a web app for smartphone, tablet, and PC running with any operating systems. Both control modes allow to turn on and off and dimmer the whole appliance or the individual modules, as well as to choose the desired colour level for the rgb version.

Scrittura and light are seen and perceived as semantic elements of the luminous space  they define.

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Total control of the light

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