The lights of Artemide at MAXXI





Rome, November 7, 2016 – Also this year the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, is organizing the Acquisition Gala Dinner, whose proceeds will be donated for the purchase of new works of art for the permanent collection.

The museum will host from November 9 to 26 February 2017, the exhibition “The Japanese House”, the perfect setting for the Gala evening will be the Artemide lamps from IN-EI Collection designed by Issey Miyake + Reality Lab.

IN-EI is born from the encounter between the Artemide expertise in the world of light and Issey Miyake’s innovative approach to materials and design linked by the theme of eco-sustainability.
Made with a regenerated fiber derived from PET bottles, take shape through inimitable folds, that determine the strength of the collection without any internal structure and allow to close the diffuser in a flat pack.

Artemide, confirmed its commitment to promote culture and art, supporting strongly this project of fundraising.

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