The Psychology of Colour in the workplace


The Psychology of Colour in the workplace
October 19, 2016

Artemide, together with partners Konig + Neurath collaborated on an emotive exhibition of colour held at The Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate UK designed by world renowned Architect David Chipperfield.
Clients from the A+D community were invited to experience three room sets each mirroring each other in product selection but offering an entirely different experience through the choice of colours.

A presentation by Gemma Riberti, lifestyle and interiors trends expert at WGSN, an international market-leading trend forecasting company, was a valuable insight into how humans respond to colour and how designers and manufacturers can best influence Human wellbeing through our choice of colours in the workplace.

Artemide products on display include Ilio LED, Tolomeo MICRO, Tolomeo MICRO LED, Tolomeo Mega Floor LED, Grafa System, Crazy & Eggboard.

Artemide and Carpet Concept : “Places of Partnership”
The lights of Artemide at MAXXI