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The room is the heart of the hotel, where guests focus their expectations to
appreciate their stay.
A place that conveys comfort and intimacy, as reassuring as one?s home, it repro-
duces the familiar spaces for resting and relaxing.
It is important to allow the guests to choose among different lighting solutions,
from soft to spot lighting for reading.
The use of different types of appliances of the same family allows to create combi-
nations integrated with the room?s furnishing.
Hotel Boscolo Exedra Milano - Milan (IT)
Project: Studio Italo Rota & Partners, Ph: Beppe Raso
The overhead appliance above the bed is a special design,
an example of how Artemide provides its competence to
its project partners to develop customized products.
Nhow Santo Stefano - Turin (IT)
Project: Gabetti & Isola, Ph: Bruno Cattani
Ording Hotel Silken Puerta América - Madrid (ES)
Project: David Chipperfield, Ph: Raphael Vargas
Strandgut Resort - St Peter-Ording (DE)
Project: Architektengemeinschaft Erichsen + Ladehoff,
Ph: Linus Lintner
family, with all its light source versions and
variations, is suited for use in the rooms, where multiple
light points are required, from a general one to specific
ones for the bed and the reading corner.
COMFORT (Room, Suite)