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Boscolo Exedra Hotel
Milan (IT)
Architectural project:
Studio Italo Rota & Partners
Product: Margherita
Ph: Beppe Raso
Lighting for Hospitality, such as hotels and
restaurants, serves the purpose of creating
the greatest synergy between comfort
and architectural guidelines.
An hotel can be considered a complex system,
articulated in several situations, with different
lighting needs: every space is dedicated to a
different activity and requires a targeted lighting
design, since there is a big difference between
lighting for rooms, restaurants and common
relax spaces.
Yet it is true that an homogeneous approach that
defines the style of the hotel, needs to be found
and guaranteed when creating a lighting project
for Hospitality.
Moreover there is a growing attention towards
solutions that reduce energy consumption and
minimise maintenance. Artemide can offer a wide
range of proposals for the hospitality business.
From important and breathtaking solutions
for halls and lobbies, often produced ad hoc
via special projects, to lighting for the common
spaces and meeting areas.
From luminaires that create a cosy and warm
athmosphere in bars and restaurants, to lamps
for rooms and suites that serve the purpose
of maximizing comfort and relax.
Ceiling and suspension creations as well
as impactful led solutions for ceilings, walls
and facades; lighting systems perfectly integrated
with the architecture and a wide array of rgb
apparels that create dynamic coloured light,
floor, wall and desk lights for rooms
and common spaces.
The Artemide offer is wide and complete
to satisfy any need for the Hospitality business,
and the Artemide style can enhance and
give personality to any space, always assuring
well being and comfort, in accordance with
the Company philosophy ?The Human Light?.
That is why several key hotel chains have supply
agreements with Artemide on a global scale.