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The lighting design for open plan offices meets the
requirements of precise quantitative and qualitative
standards irrespective of the choice of light fitting,
recessed, ceiling or suspended. Artemide can produce
lighting studies on demand.
Combining a general system that provides a comfortable
and uniform level of lighting with individual light fittings
appliances for customised light level is a solution that
is particularly welcomed by users.
The INTERACTIVE-DALI system (combining motion
sensors and daylight control) not only provides true
comfort to users, but also meets the environmental
energy saving requirements.
General and individual office
lighting systems
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Offices, 41 Bengal St.
Ancoats, Manchester (UK)
Architectural project:
MBLA Arch. J. Riley + urbanists
Products: Nothing
Ph: Daniel Hopkinson
Cisco System
Vimercate (Italy)
Architectural project:
Progetto CMR
Products: Esprit
Ph: Beppe Raso