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Artemide is lighting up ALTO?Sphère.
A clearly innovative project in terms of energy saving
and respect for the environment.
For its new head office, the ALTO Ingénierie design
office has joined forces with the AA Feraru architects
partnership to construct the first 100% timber office
building in the Ile-de-France.
This is a high environmental performance, 1,065m²
ground + first floor building:
40 kWh of final energy per m² of total net floor area,
all uses considered together,
A building designed to achieve the German PASSIVHAUS
label: heating consumption <15 kWh/m² /year and
draught-proofing below 0.6 vol/hour at 50 Pa,
Heat produced by a heat pump on geothermal
50m² of photovoltaic cells offsetting 11% of energy
Storm water management with collection for
internal requirements (WC, cleaning, watering) and
0 discharge (120m³ seepage pit),
No air-conditioning: a comfortable summer
environment provided by natural ventilation.
Optimised natural lighting with large glass surfaces
(30% of total vertical surface, and 4% of total
horizontal surface).
Storage of CO² in timber: 230 tons.
The optimised natural lighting design combined with
intelligent artificial lighting (the Artemide INTERACTIVE-
DALI solution) is used to reduce annual running time
by 50%.
Rated power has been halved thanks to a preliminary
office layout, identified at the design phase, combined
with the use of high performance lighting equipment.
Ultimately, forecast consumption will be equal to
5 kWh/m² /year, compared to the 16 kWh/m²/year
recommended by French regulations (RT2005). A
lighting-only meter will validate these calculations.
Bussy Saint Martin (France)
Architectural project:
Alto Ingénierie , Aa Feraru
Products: Nota Bene, Mouette, Luceri