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Low energy and maintenance
In the spirit of the Kyoto Convention on reducing
greenhouse effect gases and of the European
Directive on improving the energy efficiency of
buildings (2002/91/CE), Artemide has developed
solutions providing up to 75% energy savings
compared with systems of an earlier design:
High efficiency fluorescent lamps (up to 104lm/W)
with a 20,000 hour service life,
Major makes of electronic ballasts (A classes only),
High performance optical systems (aluminium
optics or Prismoptic screen),
INTERACTIVE-DALI type management systems
combining motion sensors with lighting level
controlled by natural daylight levels.
100% European
design and fabrication
All the Artemide lighting fixtures are developed in
Europe, in close collaboration with designers and
architects, occasionally as part of a specific project.
The widely acknowledged care brought to the design
of Artemide models contributes to the aesthetic
dimension of the architectural projects of which
they form part.
Production takes place in factories based in France
and in Italy, where Artemide maintains a very
positive environmental culture (carbon balance,
ISO 14001 certification in hand).