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Guidelines in office
project development
The human light
Lighting is essential for human health and
well-being. Light determines our circadian rhythm,
influences our mood and changes the atmosphere
around us. Therefore an appropriate workplace
lighting is a key driver of comfort and performance,
while the consequences of an inadequate lighting
are proven to be low efficience and motivation,
and physical deseases.
Artemide has a wide range of luminaires made
for offices, with different types of light emission
- indirect / direct darklight / direct Prismoptic - that
provide the best solutions for any kind of office
layout (openspace, individual office, home working)
and configuration of architectural spaces.
The advantage is a combined lighting: one
general and uniform for the space, the other one
focused on the desk. Thereby, the user has the
opportunity to personally manage his workstation,
to supplement the general lighting, according
to his individual requirements.
Innovation in energy saving
To create environmentally sustainable solutions
can be considered the basic rule and the new trend
in Office Lighting, in order to save electricity
and guarantee the planet well being, this according
of Kyoto agreements on gas emission reductions,
and of the European Directive on the improvement
of building energy efficience (2002/91/CE -
The energy efficiency of a lighting project is
achieved either by intelligent control systems
integration - regulating artificial light according to
natural one - that uses last generation Led sources,
optimizing consumption significantly compared to
traditional sources, aiming at a real ?green office?.
The care for sustainability of Artemide - a Company
certified ISO 9001 and WMT - is ensured by its
French plant Megalit, in charge of designing and
manufacturing the appliances of the architectural
line, accredited with ISO 14001 and implementing
the Carbon Footprint, and by its focus on product
lifecycle (LCA), i.e. design, choice of raw materials,
processing in view to minimise transportation,
and down to assembly, packaging, and disposal.
As far as appliance efficiency at use is concerned,
continuous improvement is ongoing in terms
of energy saving, reliability, and durability of the
implemented technical solutions, as well as to
reduce CO2 emissions.
Artemide has developed solutions that carry
significant energy saving, up to 75% vs systems
of an earlier design:
Latest generation top quality Led that guarantee
extremely high efficiency and lighting performance,
High efficiency fluorescent lamps (up to 104lm/W)
with a 20,000 hour service life,
Major makes of electronic ballasts (A classes only),
High performance optical systems,
Light management systems combining motion
sensors with lighting level.
The design effort dedicated to the control and
management intelligence embedded in the
appliances also includes minimized consumption in
the standby mode, anticipating future regulations.
Combining soundly designed and functional
appliances with emotional light and customizable
luminous scenarios, with special care for
sustainability, is the cultural challenge pursued
by Artemide, which is capable to supply with its
technologies designers and sensible lighting,
operators to implement ideas in their creations.
Innovation in project consultancy
Our Prescription department produces lighting
planning studies that guarantee lighting level
and luminance control, a uniform light distribution
over the entire work surface, as well as the choice
of the latest generation of lamps and ballasts.
There are two new hot trends in office lighting,
that make the office space feel a lot more
comfortable for employees and customers: one
very technical - a layout where the technical aspect
is exploited to enhance efficiency - productivity
by system control innovations, and the trend called
home-office - where the coolness of an impersonal
office is reviewed with warm elements to turn
the atmosphere more friendly for both employees
and customers.
Moreover, our Prescription department has the
opportunity to offer together with the light design
project also a system integration project. This allows
an easy and efficient light layout reconfiguration;
control over colour / white temperature, and most
importantly, when speaking about an office
building, helps maximise energy saving, minimises
CO2 emissions, optimises maintenance costs
and total cost of ownership.
Milan (IT)
Architectural project:
Walter Incerti (IZed Partners)
Products: Kao, Picto
Ph: Beppe Raso
on the left
Innowatio SpA
Kilometro Rosso
Science & Technology Park
Bergamo (IT)
Architectural project:
Giovanni Rizzi
Product: Kalifa
Ph: Beppe Raso
Solutions for the office:
the pillars for Artemide philosophy