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In reception areas
For defining functional, cool or strict atmospheres.
For creating spectacular effects by alternating clear
powerful light and soft white or coloured
Corridors and passage ways
These are generally the least occupied areas inside
an office building. Nevertheless their illumination
has to be secure and has to offer a sufficient lighting
level to walk around easily. Intelligent solutions
will naturally be preferred for such spaces,
with dimming capacity or movement detection
for example.
The Artemide Led lighting
solutions for a challenging and
caring workplace, and a more
working area.
design Carlotta de Bevilacqua & Paola di Arianello
Luceri Led
Led: major advantages
Very high luminous efficiency.
Innovative optics systems allow a perfectly directed
and controlled light, the guarantee for a higher
efficiency and ultimate precision to create exactly
the right light to suit needs, moods or tasks.
Electronic light managements allow for substantial
energy savings: manual dimming, manual dimming
+ presence detection, manual dimming + presence
detection + daylight-based control.
Service life of up to 50 000 hours at 70% luminous
flux, or even more.
Very long maintenance-free intervals, thanks to this
extremely long life.
Led lighting moves ahead
Since their invention in 1962 and the development
of the white light emitting diode in the late 1990s,
the Led know a current growth and evolution in
their performance, not only in terms of luminous
flux but also in terms of colour rendition.
While Led products already meet the main needs
of outdoor lighting or accent lighting in those
environments that do not require a high illumination
level, it is more recently that they are perfectly
convenient also for the illumination of outdoor
and indoor architecture, shops, hotels or well-being
The continuously evolving development of
highly-energy efficient white Led opens up new
possibilities. Thanks to their aesthetic qualities,
compactness, low energy consumption, lighting
comfort, longer service life and reduced
maintenance, the Led products are now suitable
for general lighting and establish themselves
more and more as a preferred lighting solution
for office environments.
Good news at the time when eco-citizenship
and sustainable development form concepts
with an increasing awareness among people
and businesses, while the Building industry and
its Lighting component are subject to regularly
evolving standards and regulations.