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Waiting spaces and relaxation areas
Comfort and well-being are the key rules for the
illumination of those areas that are friendly places
by definition. Low-glare fittings and luminaires able
to provide a relaxing light will be preferred.
Open plan and cell offices
Working spaces today are much more dynamic
and evolving than before. The same applies to
the lighting solutions for office areas, which have
to be mobile, customizable according to the needs
of the user, and smart. They should also meet
the regulations in force in terms of quantity
and quality of light.
Meeting rooms
Here more than elsewhere, lighting strongly
impacts on how people feel. It has to be flexible,
and able tooffer quiet or stimulation ambiences
according to the events which might take place.
Typical design example
Office with length x width 10x10 m. Maintenance factor 0,80. Required illuminance on the task level: 500 lux.
Luceri Screen
Luceri Led
Luceri Led
TC-DEL 2x26W
electronic ballast
Number of luminaires
Mean illuminance
587 lux
504 lux
512 lux
Installed load individual luminaire
55 W
29 W
39 W
Installed load total
2310 W
1022 W
941 W
100 mē
100 mē
100 mē
Used W/mē
23.10 W/mē
10.22 W/mē
9.41 W/mē
Annual energy cost*
Annual energy saving
Parameters for calculating the energy costs: 0,18
/kWh, operating hours 11 hours, 250 days a year.
Skydro Led
design Ross Lovergrove
Chocolate Led
design Klaus Adolph, Wilfried Kramb
Tian Xia Led
design Carlotta de Bevilacqua
White Led can now offer the guarantee for stable
colour temperature throughout entire service life.
RGB Led offer satured and bright colour quality
without the need for filters.
The compact size allows a total creative
and design freedom.
No UV- or IR-radiation.
Ecological quality thanks to low energy
consumption level, no mercury, no lead.
High environmental quality: less energy to illuminate
the environment, less heat meaning less energy
for air conditioning, less energy also to manufacture
more and more compact fixtures.