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The care for sustainability of Artemide ? a Company
certified ISO 9001 and WMT ? is ensured both by
its French plant Megalit, in charge of designing and
manufacturing the appliances of the architectural
line, accredited with ISO 14001 and implementing
the Carbon Footprint, and by its focus on product
lifecycle (LCA), i.e. design, choice of raw materials,
processing in view to minimise transportation,
and down to assembly, packaging, and disposal.
As to appliance efficiency at use, improvement
occurs in terms of energy saving, reliability, and
durability of the implemented technical solutions,
as well as to reduce CO2 emissions. A very
important issue in this respect is the development
of Artemide in source technology, with special care
for fluorescent, low-power discharge, and LED
sources. The design effort dedicated to the control
and management intelligence embedded in the
appliances also includes minimized consumption in
the standby mode, anticipating future regulations.
Combining soundly designed and functional
appliances with emotional light and customizable
luminous scenarios, with special care for
sustainability, is the cultural challenge pursued
by Artemide, which is cable to supply with its
technologies designers and sensible lighting
operators to implement ideas in their creations.
Tunable white
Tunable colors
Artemide creates light and, through the lighting
performance of appliances, gives life to a visual
and perceptive experience of architectural spaces.
The projects My White Light and Metamorfosi
tune the colour temperature of white and the
colour variations on the RGB scale to generate
a new connection between man, space, and light ?
a connection capable to create customizable
scenarios through the arrangement of luminous
objects and landscapes, as well as through perfect
colour rendering. In addition to environmental
lighting design, the Company provides support
for the creation of well-being and emotional