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Project: Bahnhofstrasse
Category: outdoor - urban
Zürich (Switzerland)

Projects by Charles Keller, Ch. Keller Design AG; Daniel Marques, Marques AG

Artemide with Nord Light lights up Christmas 2010 on the Zürich Bahnhofstrasse.

The visual concept was developed and installed by a cross-disciplinary team comprising architects, artists, light designers, engineers, and Artemide NordLight. 
Architect Daniele Marques conceived a three-dimensional body of light from the crystals developed by Charles Keller, thus creating a perceivable urban structure. 
Adrian Schiess was responsible for the colour concept and choreography of the spatial luminaries.

The work, generally known as "Lucy", was then set up tapping on the skills of Artemide Nord Light that physically manufactured the lighting appliances and developed the whole scene programme using a complex adjustment System. 
The installation is an irregularly distributed body of illuminants that extend from and enclose the space from the roof edges down to the pedestrian area and from one façade across to the other. The playfully arranged light grid measures 3.20 x 2.40 x 1.60 metres and stretches along the entire 1,050 m length of the Bahnhofstrasse. 
The LED luminaries housed in almost 12,000 crystals light up the entire street as one. Like snowflakes, the crystals glitter as in a fairy tale. By day, they gleam and twinkle in the sunlight, and by night the colour and drama of the display transport the entire installation into the fourth dimension.