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Monastero di Nuova Gerusalemme

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Project: Monastero di Nuova Gerusalemme
Category: museum & galleries, outdoor - facade
Istra (Moscow region), Russian Federation

Photos by Konstantin Maksimov
Projects by Studio Vega

The New Jerusalem Monastery was founded in 1656 by Patriarch Nikon and took its name from the New Jerusalem. This site was chosen for its resemblance to the Holy Land. The River Istra represents the Jordan, and the buildings represent the 'sacral space' or holy places of Jerusalem. Architects P.I.Zaborsky, Yakov BukhvostovBartolomeo RastrelliMatvei KazakovKarl Blank and others took part in the creation of this ensemble. In 1918, the New Jerusalem Monastery was closed down. In 1941, the fasist army ransacked the New Jerusalem Monastery. Before their retreat they blew up its unique great belfry; the towers were demolished; the vaults of the cathedral collapsed and buried its famous iconostasis, among other treasures. In 1959, the museum was re-opened to the public, although the bell-tower has never been rebuilt, while the interior of the cathedral is still bare. The New Jerusalem Monastery was re-established as a religious community only in the 1990s.As of June 2016, there has been great restoration done in the main cathedral, with much of the interior reconstructed and readorned.