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An entrepreneur and an industrial designer, he found his own form of expression in the word “maker”.
He graduated in Industrial Design in 2002 at the IUAV in Venice, and established a close link, in his products, between the “intimate” creative process and the “shared”

production process, combining his technical background with his personal research and expressing himself through an on-going exchange and technical remodulation between the design of “Soft” and of “Hard” products.
One fundamental trait of his work is a close link between object conception and object realization achieved through a respectful and integrated approach that is unveiled and expanded across the development process, where no event occurs by chance.
In 2017 he founded his own brand lapiegaWD out of a direct expressive design need.

For Artemide, in co-operation with architect Matta, he designed “Nuboli,” a sculptural lighting object intended to treat light emission as “materialized” energy by arranging it according to hypothetical spirals, in view of creating a centrality and communion effect.
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