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nh Suspension

nh continues the study on the dynamic interaction of expertise, details, materials, form, and light that Neri&Hu are developing with Artemide. The selected materials represent a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, as well as the expression of responsible and sustainable design, also conveyed by the use of a lowconsumption retrofit LED source. Like all the projects designed by Neri&Hu, nh offers a reinterpretation of the Oriental culture and tradition with a constant contemporary approach.  With surprising lightness and elementary movements nh creates a landscape of elements generating – either individually or combined with each other – a non-static balanced composition characterized by elegant colour and material matching.



11 Codes gefunden

code Watt lm CCT
nh S5 Elliptic
1279010A 4x5W + 2x15W
nh S4 Circulaire
1278010A 2x5W + 1x15W
nh S3 2 Arms
1282010A 2x15W
nh S3 14
1276010A 12W 772lm 3000K
nh S2 22
1275010A 13.5W 1142lm 3000K
nh S2 14
1274010A 4W 257lm 3000K
nh S1 22
1273010A 13.5W 1142lm 3000K
nh S1 14
1272010A 4W 257lm 3000K
nh 14 Suspension
1280010A 5W
nh 22 Suspension
1281010A 15W
nh 35 Suspension
1283010A 20W


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