Laudato Si’ Garden
The Living Chapel

Architecture, music and nature come together to give rise to the “Laudato Si’ Garden - The Living Chapel”, a design installation by Mario Cucinella Architects in partnership with Artemide and GiPlanetGroup.  

This open-air garden chapel is a sacred place that draws its inspiration from Saint Francis of Assisi, from Pope Francis and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and it launches a message for the reconciliation between mankind and nature. The charming lagoon landscape of Porto Caleri in the Po Delta Park, in the territory of Rosolina, a delicate ecosystem where life was made possible thanks to the way in which mankind and nature succeeded in building a relationship based on balance, will set the splendid scene for the “Laudato Si’ Garden - The Living Chapel”.  

A ring of almost suspended light that symbolises the light of the world and the metaphor circle of  “Sora madre Terra” (Our Sister, Mother Earth). A wooden platform underneath the ring brings to mind the woods of Cansiglio, an ancient forest where timber was sourced for the ships of the Republic of Venice. This message also aims to reiterate a contemporary ecological value: to give a new lease of life to the wood from the trees that were felled by Storm Vaia. Another symbolic element of the traditional lagoon mooring bollards are the paline (piles) which are anchored to the ground, part of the lightweight structure which supports the circle of light. 

So, on the occasion of its inauguration on 4th October, the “Laudato Si’ Garden - The Living Chapel” becomes the scenery for an opera performance, devised to be an expression of the importance of art and a celebration of the biodiversity represented by an inclusive ecological development model.

An open-air garden chapel for the Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary celebrations

The project is part of the celebrations for the Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary celebrations, invoked by Pope Francis, and it is promoted by seven local Municipalities (in addition to Rosolina, Ariano nel Polesine, Corbola, Loreo, Porto Viro, Porto Tolle, Taglio di Po), by the Veneto Region and by Veneto Agricoltura, as well as by the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development, the Holy See and it aims to be an example of respectful human development in "our Common Home" (“Laudato Si” Encyclical).  

“In the context of the Po Delta, we must not add anything barring the construction of a new friendship with nature. ‘The Living Chapel’ is a light in the night of the park, an immaterial sign and an architecture to look at the spectacle of nature” explains Mario Cucinella, founder of Mario Cucinella Architects, an international architecture studio that bases its design philosophy on sustainability issues.

“Caring for our common home” is a universal message that takes centre-stage within Artemide’s day-to-day commitment to sustainable design. And it’s one led not only by scientific research, technical capability and manufacturing expertise, but by a humanistic and ethical approach too. Good light is a universal right, but it comes with certain responsibilities. Light feeds the nature, the humankind their knowledge and health. A good project should raise awareness of responsible consumption and stand the test of time.” 

Carlotta de Bevilacqua Vice President and CEO of the Artemide group 

“The technical consulting for the design of the Laudato Si Chapel is simply the embodiment of the founding values of this brand. In fact, our choices force us to search continuously for solutions and processes that can guarantee sustainable quality. Studies for the analysis of the environmental impact of its production processes have led GiPlanetGroup to be one of a handful of businesses committed to designing structures that are in synch with their surrounding nature. That’s the reason for this important partnership” stated Roberta and Luca Griggio of GiPlanetGroup, a company based in Veneto that is world leader in trade fair, commercial and museum outfitting, store design and temporary architectures.

An open-air garden chapel for the Laudato Si’ Special Anniversary celebrations

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