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Tagora Recessed 970

Series of ceiling mounted luminaires available in 4 diameters (80 mm, 270 mm, 570 mm, 970 mm), using high-output LEDs, Retrofit LEDs, 12V halogen lamps, metal halide and fluorescent sources.Consists of a trimless recessed frame fitted into the ceiling and an optical unit with an aluminium body painted in a range of colours.Tagora 80 and 270 offer high-output spot light with aluminium optics. 2 beam angles for LED version and 3 for HIT version.Tagora 270 LED uses a proprietary system based on a hybrid combined lens and reflector optic. This system helps to create defined narrow beams using high-powered LED modules of large dimensions.Tagora 570 and 970 cone with a PMMA diffuser, offering a comfortable diffused light. LED versions use high-output sources.Monochromatic LED option with warm white (3000 K) and neutral white (4000 K) tones.Integrated electronic power supply, dimmable or non-dimmable options, depending on the version.Emergency lighting available on Tagora 570 fluorescent option.Only ceiling recessed installation allowed.Compliant with standard EN60598-1 and other specific standards.

Product overview


delivered lumens output (lm)


8 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 3000K-Dali-SwitchDim-Blue
M250031 84W 6425lm 3000K
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 3000K-Dali-SwitchDim-Green
M250041 84W 6425lm 3000K
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 3000K-Dali-SwitchDim-Orange
M250011 84W 6425lm 3000K
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 3000K-Dali-SwitchDim-White
M250021 84W 6425lm 3000K
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 4000K-Dali-SwitchDim-Blue
M250131 84W 6915lm 4000K
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 4000K-Dali-SwitchDim-Green
M250141 84W 6915lm 4000K
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 4000K-Dali-SwitchDim-Orange
M250111 84W 6915lm 4000K
Tagora Recessed 970 -LED 4000K-Dali-SwitchDim-White
M250121 84W 6915lm 4000K


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