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The “Vigo” lamp was developed from the prototype “Conica”.Considering the domestic setting, “Vigo” reinterprets a known typology starting from the idea of an old fashioned light, recalling a classic lampshade that contains the light source within a conical form. “Vigo” consists of two overlapping cones, one placed inside and flush with the other, and each in a different material. The inner cone is made of black metal while the outer one is of transparent hand-blown borosilicate glass. The two cones produce an aesthetic contrast but act together technically to shape, direct and diffuse the light. The “Vigo” Family is made up of three variations for floor, wall and ceiling that collectively provide a comprehensive domestic lighting system. 

Product overview


3 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Vigo Wall
1940030A 6,8W 350lm 3000K
Vigo Suspension
1939030A 6,8W 350lm 3000K
Vigo Reading Floor
1941030A 6,8W 350lm 3000K


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