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Eclittica 50

Eclittica is an avant-garde lighting systems product line, whose look is striking yet subtle. It is based on advanced LED technology that guarantees performance stability, controlled light and new perceptual qualities.The intrinsic features of this product are dictated by production optimization and optical choices. They become distinctive aesthetics traits, revealing the innovative technological quality applied, the careful attention given to detail, and the thoroughness of the project. 

Product overview


4 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Eclittica 50 - Black
SCENARIOS 26W 2534lm 3000K
Eclittica 50 - Gold aluminium
SCENARIOS 26W 2534lm 3000K
Eclittica 50 - Red
SCENARIOS 26W 2534lm 3000K
Eclittica 50 - White
SCENARIOS 26W 2534lm 3000K


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