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Sol spot

Sol is a system entirely based on innovative optical computing principles and LED technology, made of transparent materials and characterized by simple features.Sol consists of three elements that are essential for its functioning: a lens, a mixing chamber and a heat sink.The cone-shaped light determined by the lens is large and soft, yet controlled. The mixing chamber avoids glaring that would otherwise arise from the LED left exposed behind the lens. The mixing chamber hides the LED in which is inserted due to its geometry, reflecting all the light that lands on its surfaces and redirecting it into the lens. Its radial shaped perforated face facilitates dissipation.

Product overview


delivered lumens output (lm)

3 Codes found

code Watt lm CCT
Sol spot - 30°
SCENARIOS 13W 775lm 3000K
Sol spot - 45°
SCENARIOS 13W 760lm 3000K
Sol spot - 90°
SCENARIOS 13W 740lm 3000K


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