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Nothing 86 System Accent modules

A versatile modular lighting system for linear diffused or dark light emission and freely configurable accent lighting. Composed of structural modules in extruded aluminium, prewired gear plates and optics systems. 3 types of installation: recessed, surface mounting and suspended. Structural modules available in 12 different lengths of up to 4736mm, specially designed to allow the lighting designer to alternate as freely as possible different light sources. The lighting sequence can also evolve over time to meet new arrangements, as long as it remains compatible with the initial total length installed. Linear fluorescent, led and metal halide technologies can be freely alternated. Pre-wired gear plates with quick-connectors, with direct fluorescent or LED lighting equipment, and indirect fluorescent illumination. 2 options of fluorescent diffused lighting available: T16-seamless lamps or conventional T16 lamps with overlapping arrangement for uninterrupted light lines without dark spots. 2 LED equipment options: monochromatic with warm white or neutral white emission, and RGB. Angular configurations possible by means of junction angles on the same plane or on 2 perpendicular planes (on request).Simple installations can be managed with “all-in-one” fixtures (nothing 86Stand-Alone) already pre-configured and fully accessorized. Complies with standard EN60598-1 and other specific standards. 

1 Code found

code Watt
Nothing 86 System Accent modules LED (GU10) 1x7 W
M234400 1x7W


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