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Trix follows the rhythm of life, ensuring maximum visual comfort and efficiency in every situation. It consists of an optical body placed inside a parabolic reflector suspended by a rigid rod with a double joint that allows a wide freedom of movement. The distance between the two elements is minimal, but calculated, to avoid points of shade. The light engine is enclosed by a larger-diameter tangent ring designed to improve the dissipation of the high power LED used. The parable, with its innovative optics, is the focus of the project. Inner and outer surfaces overlap with the profile, whose geometric shape is optimal for the distribution of the light beam, and reacts differently to light depending on the finish.Internally a series of convexd facets distribute the light in a controlled and uniform way, avoiding inconveniences and shaded areas in the projection. In the white and mirrored versions, the optical principle operates independently. Conversely, in the transparent version the optics are supported by a series of 90-degree angled prisms that are placed on the top outer side and which determine the reflection of the light rays, avoiding dispersion. The internal facets work as micro lenses for the distribution of the direct emission. The result is surprising: a reflected light with a very high yield through a transparent element that enlivens the environment without dispersion. One outer joint permits the rotation of 360° and 90° and an inner one supports the light engine, allowing you to target it directly to the reflector or to the environment. The basic principle of rotation allows for interaction so that the rhythms of different activities and their evolution over time can be followed and illuminated. Thus, the user interacts with the environment while natural variations in light can be intercepted and reflected by Trix. Trix is designed to allow you to become the indisputable creator of your own space, giving life to variations in light through a simple gesture of a hand. Trix comes in three different finishes and each relate to space in a specific way. Due to its intrinsic features, the transparent version makes the light an absolute protagonist, whereas the white version, not at all invasive with its neutral finish, is ideal for the spread of light. The mirrored version is the one that characterizes the surrounding environment more by reflecting light and creating new visual perceptions.

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código Potencia (W) lm CCT
Trix Floor
SCENARIOS 23W 2083lm 3000K
Trix Ceiling
SCENARIOS 23W 2083lm 3000K


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