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Audi City Lab

  • Année / 2018
  • Catégorie / Urban
  • Auteur / Artemide Italia
  • Photo / Audi
  • Variations / Special version of A.39

Now in its sixth edition, Audi City Lab - in the former archiepiscopal seminary in the historic building commissioned in 1565 by San Carlo Borromeo - does not just tell the future through words, but lets you touch what could be the mobility of tomorrow.

In this beautiful location, Audi offers its interpretation of the relationship between innovation and vision of the future. An impressive suspended ring, with a diameter of 19 meters, and mirrors of water, make up the installation called Fifth Ring. Developed by Artemide together with Mad Architects, the Fifth Ring, created from A.39, generates an evocative space in which energy, evolution and progress find their maximum visual expression. The public is therefore invited to immerse themselves in a futuristic landscape where light represents the link between the visitor and the circle, symbol of perfection.

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