Bruno Houssin, French designer and professor at the Nantes School of Design.
Graduated from the Boulle School of Paris, in Interior Architecture and Design in 1986. At the age of 23, he founded the Zébulon studio in Paris, specialized in global design (Space & Object).
Bruno Houssin

is an innovator in the art of staging (VIA, Megalit, Artemide). Aware of the needs of architects due to his training, he designs furniture and lighting to adapt to new uses and bring a poetic dimension to these spaces.
Notably, the Flap system for Artemide which proposed an innovative concept in its formal writing, integrating different types of lighting. Also a sculptor, with Le système Kao, a more graphic approach to signing spaces. His creative thinking is centered on eco-design, by which he brings together the factors of sustainable development: ecology, sustainability, economy of means and social equity. For him, new lighting scenarios are to be recreated in and out of the city. Light must be used with more finesse, like a watercolourist who draws his scenery around the light. The hypnotic magic of the candle flame has still not been equalled. Tomorrow's lighting will go in this direction, a more sacred and emotional light.
Bruno Houssin has received numerous awards: Two Red Dot Design Awards, including a Best of the Best, a Golden Lamp of Creation at the SIL, Five Stars from the Observeur du Design, two Janus de l'Industrie awards, and an IF International Forum Design award.
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