Artemide is The Human & Responsible light

Artemide declares, even more explicitly, its perspective towards the future: a value-driven approach to the project, guided not only by scientific research, technological and production expertise but also by a humanistic and ethical approach.
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Artemide has embarked on a concrete path towards 360° sustainability, not only environmental but also social. Over the years, this commitment has led to obtaining many certifications such as ISO 9001 (management system quality certification), ISO 14001 (environmental management system certification) to which ISO 45001 (management system for health and safety at work certification) was added in 2019.

United Nations Global Compact

In 2019 Artemide joined the United Nations Global Compact (founded in 1997) confirming the goal of promoting, together with its collaborators, a solid and sustainable development project on which to base the company?s strategy and daily functioning.
Artemide is committed to following the 17 SDGs - sustainable development goals - annually reporting the concrete results of their application.

Sustainability Report

Artemide testifies and measures through the Sustainability Report a constant path towards a conscious and attentive project to man and the planet to highlight all the values that guide its perspective to the future. The sustainability report testifies a transparent approach, demonstrates how Artemide promotes actions at all levels for a better quality of our future.
The sustainability report analyses all aspects concerning business operations at all levels, measuring their impact and the relationship with stakeholders.

Sustainable highlight / Environment

Purchase made to suppliers in the European Union
of which Italian suppliers

Reduction of total energy consumption equal to
48,829 GJ against
51,359 GJ in 2019

Waste is destined for recovery
Reduction of direct emissions of CO2 equal to
1,798 ton di CO2 against
1,825 ton di CO2 in 2019

Reduction of indirect emissions of CO2 Scope 2 (market based) equal to
1,585 ton of CO2 against
1,855 ton of CO2 in 2019
In 2021 we used only energy from certified renewable sources

Sustainable highlight / People


Indefinite contracts
Women employees

Men employees

Training hours

Sustainable highlight / Innovation and Made in Italy

Invention patents
12 of which
1 in 2020

Patents registered and kept until 31.12.20
(102 as of 31.12.19)
Revenue dedicated to Research and Development
(5.4% in 2019)

Design awards
received since 1960

Architects and designers
63 from
15 countries
Sustainable light design respect

3 key pillars:

and health
Artemide?s design choices are aimed at improving the quality of human life and his relationship with the environment through responsible design.
Artemide is committed to making products that last over time, made with low environmental impact materials, finishes and processes.
The iconic Tolomeo is an example of this as evidenced by the LCA analysis.The Tolomeo already met the design conditions that are essential strategies to the design of a new lamp today in 1987:

? low material consumption by the product and its accessories;
? use of non-depletable materials for conservation and biocompatibility;
? longevity of product life-cycle;
? recyclability of the material used;
? ease of disassembly.

Through the analysis of the Tolomeo lamp?s life cycle, it has emerged how the greatest environmental impact occurs during the use phase. Energy consumption is significantly more impactful than that incurred during the phases of pre-production, production, distribution and disposal. Energy consumption can be more than 90% of the overall environmental impact.


Artemide carefully follows each stage of the product life cycle to minimise its impact. In particular it is committed to constant research to develop solutions that offer maximum efficiency.
Light is energy and Artemide's commitment extends to all applications of its products.
The efficiency of the product is not reduced to a datum that concerns the company but is reflected in its use and consumption, bringing a positive result in the energy balance of the spaces it lights up, "generating sustainability".

New management intelligence such as the Artemide App makes everyone aware of their own light.
The integration of sensors and the definition of dynamic lighting scenarios generate a relationship with the environment and contribute to significant energy savings.

Uffici Giuntini - Peccioli (Pisa), Italy

Zogenix - Emeryville (CA), USA

BIG Offices - New York, USA

Green Pea - Torino, Italy

Wellbeing and health

?Light is a unique energy. Light makes the world visible and supports spaces perception, it interacts with life, with psychological and physiological well-being, dialogues with the environment through intelligences, can transmit data and information. Today, through the results of Artemide?s research, light can also sanitize spaces and bring people back together experiencing them.?